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Unleashing the Power of Video Game Music with Vanterra Arts®

Welcome to Vanterra Arts®, a dynamic music label that specializes in creating captivating and immersive soundtracks for video games. We are thrilled to offer a diverse range of musical genres to cater to the unique needs and visions of game developers. At Vanterra Arts, we believe that music has the power to enhance the gaming experience, and we are dedicated to providing exceptional compositions that breathe life into virtual worlds.

Why Vanterra Arts?

  1. The Home of Video Game Music: Vanterra Arts proudly announces its expertise in providing top-notch video game music solutions. We understand the crucial role that music plays in capturing the essence of a game and evoking emotions within players. Our team of talented composers and sound designers are passionate about crafting original, innovative, and immersive soundtracks that align perfectly with the vision of game developers.
  2. Embracing Musical Diversity: At Vanterra Arts, we believe in the power of diversity when it comes to music. We offer a broad range of genres to suit different game styles and moods. Whether you’re seeking the elegance of classical piano, the grandeur of orchestral tracks, or the futuristic vibes of synth songs, our extensive repertoire has you covered. We ensure that each composition is meticulously crafted to enhance the atmosphere and storytelling of your game.
  3. Pay What You Want (PWYW): Vanterra Arts understands the challenges faced by indie developers, and we are committed to providing flexible and affordable options. We embrace the “Pay What You Want” pricing, allowing indie developers to set their own budgets while still receiving exceptional quality music. We offer our music starting from as low as 1€, giving developers the freedom to support their projects without compromising on the quality of the soundtrack.

VGM Showcase

We take pride in the fact that our music has already found a home in various video games, captivating players and adding depth to their gaming experiences. For example, The Spirit by Dark Faction Games features Amry, Firnya, Enjar, Tahara and Stalaga from the album Mythanien.

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Vanterra Arts is dedicated to revolutionizing the world of video game music by providing exceptional compositions that complement and elevate the gaming experience. With our diverse range of genres, flexible pricing options, and a track record of successful collaborations, we are committed to helping indie developers create unforgettable soundscapes for their games.

Contact us today and let us bring your game’s vision to life with the power of music.