Welcome to Vanterra Arts® – Where Art Knows No Boundaries

At Vanterra Arts®, we embrace the essence of artistic freedom and exploration. Founded in May 2018 by Frederik Schrader, who passionately shares his creations under the stage name Fred Vanterra, we are a record label that believes in the unlimited potential of artistic expression as we have evolved into a diverse platform that celebrates the power of universal poetry.

We are not defined by labels or confined to a single art form. Instead, we are driven by the pursuit of crossing boundaries, breaking norms, and inspiring others through the magic of art. Vanterra Arts® is a testament to the vision of a true synaesthete, where each artistic endeavor becomes a unique and immersive experience.

Within our vibrant world, you will discover an array of musical compositions that transcend genres and transport listeners to captivating realms. From the enchanting melodies of “Mythanien,” a classical piano masterpiece, to the nostalgic allure of “Waikiki Synth,” a mesmerizing Synth-Retrowave journey, Fred Vanterra’s music captivates the senses and stirs the soul.

And as our journey unfolds, we delve into the captivating realm of Video Game Music. Vanterra Arts® collaborates with indie developers to create immersive soundtracks that transport players into extraordinary gaming experiences. Our compositions, ranging from classical piano to orchestral arrangements and futuristic synth songs, amplify the emotions and atmosphere within virtual worlds.

But Vanterra Arts® is more than just music. It is an ever-evolving hub of creativity and innovation. We proudly present “CyclePicks™,” an extraordinary craft that transforms discarded plastic cards into handcrafted guitar picks. With every CyclePick, we breathe new life into the discarded, transforming them into tools for musical expression.

Behind the scenes, Frederik Schrader, the driving force and creative mind behind Vanterra Arts®, pours his passion and dedication into each project. A true artist and curator, he weaves his talents together to create an artistic tapestry that resonates with audiences worldwide.

Welcome to Vanterra Arts®, where art transcends boundaries, genres, and expectations. Join us on this boundless journey of creativity, inspiration, and artistic exploration. Together, let us embrace the limitless possibilities that art offers and discover the power of universal poetry.

Frederik Schrader

Frederik Schrader
CEO of Vanterra Arts® – The Unlabeled Label