Mythanien – The Creation of a New World

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Mythanien by Fred Vanterra proudly presented by the new music label Vanterra Arts enables classical music to set new standards in storytelling.

Leipzig, Germany, 13th December 2019. With its first release, the music label Vanterra Arts has fulfilled its claim, that it allows the listener to envisage music holistically. The long-player, Mythanien, by Fred Vanterra, not only introduces a fresh approach to classical piano music, but also provides the soundtrack of a fantasy world, that is based on an upcoming novel.

Fittingly, Fred Vanterra, who is both the artist and, under his real name Frederik Schrader, CEO of the company, says: “Vanterra Arts builds upon the romantic idea of universal poetry. My goal is to make the beauty of Mythanien tangible to all of the senses.”

The acoustic basis for this venture has now been established. The 13 tracks, which take the listeners on a musical journey through the world that is Mythanien, fully exploit all the possibilities for a solo pianist. From whisper-quiet to fortissimo, from larghetto to lightning-fast, from minimalistic to rich and playful, Fred Vanterra shows the depth and diversity of his fantasy world with both light-hearted subtlety and emotional depth.

The album is now available via both physical and digital distribution.

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Fred Vanterra – Mythanien: OUT NOW

Turned On: Dr. Johannes Groß-Hardt – Sternstunde

Dr-Johannes-Groß-Hardt-SternstundeThe English translation to “Sternstunde” is something like “shining hour” or “finest hour”, a moment of glory sparkling through the night.

But a night sky full of stars can only be observed from a place full of darkness. This credo is the leitmotiv of this piano album from Absolute Poetic Records®, in which the virtuoso Dr. Johannes Groß-Hardt shows you the magic, that lies between the black and white keys of a grand piano. 

You can have a listen to previews of all ten tracks of this album, including masterpieces from the greatest composers of all times like Gershwin or Liszt.

And for 24€ you can buy it directly from the label using the contact form.

Turned on: Fungal Abyss – Benevolent Malevolence

Fungal Abyss - Benevolent Malevolence If you’re turned on by Psychedelic Sounds, I have to recommend the newest release of Adansonia Records to you. The LP “Benevolent Malevonce” by “Fungal Abyss” features “two free-flowing, improvised monster jams”, that will please your ears.

Although the release will be one week from now, you can already order the limited, hand numbered vinyls directly on

If you’re not sure, if that’s the sound you’re looking for, go have a taste of their ingenuity here and convince yourself.

A New Label Is Born

May the 15th be with you!

Today, a new music label came into the world. Vanterra Arts® is (at least for now) nothing more and nothing less than the self-promotion platform of Fred Vanterra® and his very first music album, Mythanien®, that is set to be released in the second half of 2018.

This album, however, won’t be the end of the story. With more music, books and even maps to come, Fred Vanterra will legitimate the labels’ claim for versatility.

So stay tuned and keep both eyes open for the release of Mythanien® and the opening of our store.

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