Turned On: Dr. Johannes Groß-Hardt – Sternstunde

Dr-Johannes-Groß-Hardt-SternstundeThe English translation to “Sternstunde” is something like “shining hour” or “finest hour”, a moment of glory sparkling through the night.

But a night sky full of stars can only be observed from a place full of darkness. This credo is the leitmotiv of this piano album from Absolute Poetic Records®, in which the virtuoso Dr. Johannes Groß-Hardt shows you the magic, that lies between the black and white keys of a grand piano. 

You can have a listen to previews of all ten tracks of this album, including masterpieces from the greatest composers of all times like Gershwin or Liszt.

And for 24€ you can buy it directly from the label using the contact form.